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Disclosure levels by Australian superannuation funds are inadequate. Disclosure levels should meet international benchmarks to adequately protect Australians' superannuation savings.

The role of some Australian superannuation industry funds as 'default' funds in Australia's industry relations system constitutes government-granted special financial privileges. While customers can opt-out of industry funds defaulted by the industrial award system, few do so.

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The Lifewise / NATSEM Underinsurance Report

The National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling was established on 1 January 1993, and supports its activities through research grants, commissioned research and longer term contracts for model maintenance and development.

NATSEM aims to be a key contributor to social and economic policy debate and analysis by developing models of the highest quality, undertaking independent and impartial research, and supplying valued consultancy services.

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AFA Board of Directors

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AFA Corporate Profile

The Association of Financial Advisers has been serving the financial advising industry for sixty years. Today the focus of the AFA is firmly on the exciting, dynamic future of the financial advising industry.

With six decades of success behind it, the association's ongoing relevance is due to its philosophy of being an association of advisers run by advisers. This means advisers set the agenda, decide which issues to tackle and shape the organisation's strategic plan.

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The Trusted Adviser

The AFA White Paper Pathways to Excellence released in October 2012 identified those characteristics that set leading financial advisory practices apart from their peers. A mapping of the customer journey throughout the various stages of the advice process and adviser relationship was informed by deep insights into the areas consumers value most in the relationship with their adviser. At the heart of the blueprint to becoming a leading advice practice as articulated by that paper is the building of capabilities in the four key areas that matter most to clients.

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Pathways to Excellence

Consumers are very clear in their needs. The evidence supplied by consumers in an advice relationship are providing clear guidance to the profession.

Step up and meet these needs and your practice will prosper, fail to deliver and consumers will move on. Table 2 on the following page captures the DNA required for advisory practices to thrive and succeed.

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New Frontiers

The importance of regularly seeking feedback from clients can never be overestimated. This is true in any market conditions but especially so when you consider the increased volatility, high profile corporate collapses, multiple government enquiries and the negative media our profession has endured over the past few years..

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Completing the request

By completing this form, you will request the transfer of the WHOLE balance of your superannuation benefits between funds. This form can NOT be used to transfer part of the balance of your superannuation benefits. This form will NOT change the fund to which your employer pays your contributions. The Standard Choice Form must be used by you to change funds.

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Superannuation choice of fund

Most Western Australian employees have the right to choose their own superannuation fund. This booklet provides information for employers and employees on the choice of superannuation fund provisions in the Industrial Relations Act 1979 (WA) and the more recent federal choice of superannuation fund provisions under the amended Superannuation Guarantee Administration Act 1992 (Clth).

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Small Business Policy Position

Small Business is based on the selfreliance, initiative and vision of men and women with a commitment to hard work and the preparedness to take a risk to achieve their goals and ambitions. Small Business is integral to the decentralised network of family, workplaces and community which is the most effective guarantor of freedom and choice.

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Motor Vehicle Accident Guide

Motor Vehicle accidents can be stressful to those involved, which can make it difficult to accurately recall the details at a later time.

This Guide should be kept in your vehicle's glove box and used to gather-on the spot information for later use when lodging a claim.

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Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce

The Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce would like to sincerely thank the following Sponsors who have supported us throughout the year. Without your continued support and dedication to our organisation we would not be able to provide services or assistance to our Members. We ask that our members support our sponsors wherever possible.

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Taxation Reform in Australia

The authors would like to thank John Freebairn, Neil Warren, Peter McDonald, Rebecca Kippen, Chris Evans, Peter Saunders, John Asker, Lucy Turnbull and Alex Turnbull for comments and suggestions. Of course, the opinions expressed in this paper do not necessarily reflect those of who provided advice. Any errors in this paper are entirely those of the authors.

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A New Direction

Return to work after injury is a fundamental objective of the Western Australian workers compensation and injury management system. Changes to workers compensation laws have been approved by Parliament and will be introduced in two stages. The first changes came into effect on 4 January 2005 with the remaining changes effective from 14 November 2005.

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Cross Border Provisions Fact Sheet

The Workers Compensation And Rehabilitation Amendment (Cross Border) Act 2004 was passed by the Western Australian Parliament on 28 October 2004.

Estate Planning Needs – Client On Site Assessment Presentation of Statement of Advice

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